LeAnn Luna, Research Asst Professor

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LeAnn Luna

Associate Professor, Department of Accounting and Information Management
Research Associate Professor, Center for Business & Economic Research
The University of Tennessee
711 Stokely Management Center
Knoxville, Tennessee  37996-0570
phone:  (865) 974-6080
fax:  (865) 974-3100

  • Ph.D., University of Tennessee

  • M.T., University of Denver College of Law

  • B.B.A., Accounting, Southern Methodist University


  • State and Local Taxation
  • 529 College Savings Plans
  • Tax Policy
  • Taxation of Business Entities


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“Entity Taxation of Business Enterprise,” to be published in Oxford Handbook on State and Local Government Finance, with Matthew N. Murray and Zhou Yang.

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Updated:   March 31, 2011