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Operations Excellence

Unlock the Power of Lean with the Theory of Constraints.

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More than 40 Years of Experience

Operations Excellence has been a key research and teaching focus at the University of Tennessee, Haslam College of Business, for more than 40 years, and our faculty experts have helped revolutionize the field. Our suite of executive education courses combines Lean and the Theory of Constraints to maximize the impact of both philosophies. These courses have a record of success in manufacturing, logistics, distribution, aviation, mining, rail, and service industries.  In addition, classes can be customized to suit your organization’s needs.

Featured Experts

Mandyam Srinivasan

Mandyam M. Srinivasan (“Srini”) is the Pilot Corporation Chair of Excellence (Emeritus) at The University of Tennessee.  He teaches in degree and non-degree executive programs run by the Haslam ...

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Missie Bowers

Melissa R. Bowers, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor and the Beaman Professor of Business in the Haslam College of Business at University of Tennessee Knoxville where she is the ...

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Kenneth Gilbert

Kenneth Gilbert is special assistant in the Office of Research, Outreach and Economic Development, working with the Tennessee Digital Jobs Factory to provide training for industry certifications in data technologies. ...

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William Peterson

Bill Peterson is a Lean best practices teacher and facilitator who draws on over 30 years of hands-on experience using Lean, TOC, Six Sigma, BPR, and other continuous improvement tools to ...

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Lean + Theory of Constraints

The blended strategies we teach grow markets by providing unrivaled customer value and increase capacity by reducing waste throughout the value stream.

Custom Solutions

In the 1970s, when we started our executive education programs, we offered some of the first Six Sigma courses. We have mentored and certified thousands of Black Belts, and over the years optimized our Lean + Theory of Constraints blend in lockstep with industry adaptations. Our internationally renowned experts will use their decades of experience to help your organization remove barriers to growth and create a cultural transformation from within.

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